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Choosing Racquets and Strings to Prevent Tennis Elbow

The most durable strings, made of Kevlar and similar materials, are also the stiffest, and they're much tougher on your arm. For changes you can make in your grip size, overgrip, and type of ball to help prevent tennis elbow, see Choosing Grips, Overgrips, and Balls to Prevent Tennis Elbow. Sources:

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The most important characteristics of tennis strings when it comes to the health of your elbow are how the string absorbs shock and dissipates vibration before it gets to your arm. The most elastic string tends to be natural gut followed by multi-filament synthetic gut.

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The 10 Best Tennis Strings for 2021 | A Complete Guide

In particular, multifilament tennis strings offer excellent playability and exceptional comfort. If you suffer from tennis elbow or any other arm injury, then you’ll likely appreciate the added comfort they offer. Today, there are many multifilament tennis strings on the market and more than a handful of terrific options.

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The most popular string these days are stiff poly strings that offer good control, durability, and spin. They only have one real downside – they are not arm-friendly strings. And this is in part why we are seeing an increase of tennis elbow, wrist and shoulder injuries these days (it also has to do with stiffer racquets of course). Not that long ago most tennis players used only natural gut, synthetic gut or multifilaments, but with the increase in powerful racquets and the transition to a ...

Top 10 Best Tennis Strings - Updated Picks For 2021

Constructed along soft co-poly allows you to string the whole bed without destroying the elbow while stringing up your racquet. Comfort, spin, and control; these three of the specialties are enough to play the best game on the tennis court without being a new entrant into the game, or already an established one who knows every bit of the tennis game.

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Balance. For tennis racquet best for tennis elbow, there should be an appropriate ratio of balance between its head and handle. Consider a racquet that has enough weight in the handle to offer speed and provide stability to the stick. Moreover, it should be maneuverable and comfortable for elbows.